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Lab Rat of the Year History…10th Year Anniversary!!!

As we prepare for our end of the year party once again I realized that this is OUR 10th year giving ‘The Lab Rat of the Year’ Award.  So, I thought I would compile a bit of our history…And it’s … Read more

LAB RAT of The Month-September 2015:

From her trainer Drew: Note: Rose has been nominated multiple times.  The caps are updates on her continuous progress. “Bodyfat: From 16% to maintaining 12% or below STILL Lean weight: up 7 pounds – NOW 8 POUNDS Fat weight: down … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-July 2015: Jenniferjoy Lilly

From her trainer Drew: “Jenn is constantly battling with health problems believed to be caused by lupus. She’s extremely strong and is a true warrior for continuing to train through all of the battles she faces. While training for the … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-May 2015: Alex Simkins

From her trainer Steve: “This woman is definitely among the most inspiring members at The Lab, and without a doubt gives new meaning to the phrase “NO EXCUSES”. As most of you all have seen in passing by during class … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-April 2015: Sherman Voegtle

From his trainer Drew: “Sherman just decided a couple months ago that he wanted to compete in powerlifting. Had only been lifting weights for a few months and has now only been training heavy for about 2 months. He stepped … Read more

Lab Rat of the Month-March 2015: Duane Reed

From his trainer Pat: “6 weeks ago screwed up his finger and has had to wear a splint or risk surgery.  We have been using some hooks to strap to his hands to hold the weights and the man hasn’t … Read more

Lab Rat of the Month-JUNE 2015: MIKE MAY

Winner-Mike May with trainer Reuben 2nd Place-Julie Sodd 3rd Place-Gerhadt Gern From his trainer Reuben: – Down another 10.4 lbs this month (233.4 -> 223.0) – BF is down another 3.3% (27.9 -> 24.6) – Lean weight was nearly maintained … Read more

January 2015 Lab Rat of the Month: Bhavik Patel


The Lab Gym Holiday Party Recap and 2014 Award Winners

The Lab Gym Holiday Party Recap and 2014 Award Winners The Just Ridiculous Award   Tabitha Porter This is a very special award for a longtime Lab Rat, she has worked through the ranks from a simple stay at home … Read more