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“Lab Gym” Happy Hour

On Friday July 20th at 6:30pm, a “Lab Gym” Happy Hour will be taking place at McGurks Irish Pub and Bar. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people at The Lab or relax with friends to kick off … Read more

Big Bry’s Big Fail

Preggo Exercise: Interview With Dr. Gina LaMonica LaRose (our very own Lab Rat extraordinaire)

    **So, Gina, tell me a bit about your labor and delivery; how it went, which end came out first, etc.  I hear he did a caveman on his way out?:** Yes, my baby boy basically kicked his way … Read more

Lift For Life!


Enjoying a New Found Home

Team LAB enjoys the simple pleasures of our new upstairs home dedicated to the art form that is Olympic style weightlifting

WWE superstar John Cena in the house!

Our new heavyweight for Team Lab. Said he was going to quit his day job to lift with us….yes, that is John Cena. Said this was the best gym in town;) Guess we have to change our slogan.

Platform Paradise!

Count em…12 beautiful platforms…paradise.  

Your 2011 Lab Rat of the Year, Sharon Lightfoot!

Superhuman Strongman

This is a little old but apparently it is replaying on the Discovery Channel. Awesome documentary called, “Super Human Strongmen.” You can see me very briefly at :25, :28, :30. But, Casey Burgener is the star of the show. His … Read more

No time to fool around…

You gotta see this. Please excuse the fuzziness…But, folks, we will stop at nothing. We are not the best trainers in town simply because we say we are, but because we put in the WORK! NO BODY wants it more … Read more